Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We're Quitting

When curating any visual or written content to share with the world, we're sure that the idea of quitting enters your mind at least once a day. It's normal for anyone who puts their self and their work out into the universe to feel that way. Honestly, that was the mind space we found ourselves in. It has been about 4 months since we last uploaded a blog post and in reality the excuses we came up with were pretty pathetic. Yeah, we could attribute not blogging to life getting in the way or just being plain lazy, but that's not it. That is never it. We reached a point where we simply ran out of ammunition, ran out of fuel to keep the car running. We felt like every idea we came up with was sub-par or we didn't have the resources to execute them well. We even posted on social media how we were feeling and how hard it was to come up with content. Surprisingly, someone's suggestion for our current dilemma in a way subconsciously inspired this blog post and our change in attitude. They said something to the effect of "Sticking to one thing". Now that made us think, does sticking to one general theme automatically make this internet thing easier? Well, the only reasonable answer was no. Why? Because sticking to one thing will never work for SisterAv. Although, that may work for some, it will never be who we are as women, as "artists", and as sisters. We have a passion for life and it extends to all aspects of it. We love beauty, we love fashion, we love photography, we love traveling, and we love FOOD....we love too many things to just stick to one. We could never put SisterAv in a box, put a label on it and seal it tight, because as long as SisterAv exists it will forever try to escape.......

..............We're not quitting just yet....SisterAv is just started.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Oh The Aesthetic...

Aesthetic is a word that has been used more than often in the last couple of years. It has been thrown around in meaningless conversations for the effect of pretentious misguided "Deep feels". The use of this word has been so overly used that at one point I think most of us forgot what it even meant. However, for this weeks blog post I think it can be appropriately used. The true and exact definition of Aesthetic is defined as being concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. I personally believe that Aesthetics can be enhanced by all aspects of our senses. Last week I bought a few things that I felt would add to the Aesthetics found in my daily life.

The first thing I bought was this cute little wooden quote box. I just feel like sometimes we need to be reminded of this, "don't worry, be happy". This is easier said then done, but I mainly bought it because when I see it everyday I can be reminded to not sweat the small stuff. Now, this is not to say I'm never gonna "worry" about things, because we all do. Rather, this is to remind me to not let it kill my happiness. Not to let the worry consume every aspects of my life to the point of where I can't be happy. It's a food for thought that serves a purpose.

The next thing I bought was a cup. Now you might be thinking, how does this add to the aesthetic of my daily life. Well for one just look at it. To simply put it, this cup is awesome! I have a thing with collecting tea cups that are unique and different. I love looking at each one and remembering when I got it, why I got, and how each one of them have a story behind it. This one in particular definitely has a story behind it (thats another blog post). I love the attention to detail and you know I'm a sucker for a cute lil saying, so yeah tea cup, as simple as it may be definitley adds to the aesthetic of daily life.

These fairy lights were an impulse buy, but out all the things I bough that day I think this was my favorite. You know what I love about fairy lights, they instantly change your mood. Feeling sad? turn on fairy lights. Feeling mad? turn on fairy lights. Feeling happy? hey turn on fairy lights anyway. It's like they have some overwhelming calming charge that instantly settles your mood. You forget about everything and its just becomes you and the lights. I don't know how else to explain. It just does.  Fairy lights add the aesthetic of my daily life and you can't argue that. Let just say my room is now "cute or whatever".

Lastly, I bought bath milk. Surprisingly this is not the strangest thing I ever purchased in my life. I mainly picked it up because the shape of the bottle was strange and yet familiar (if that makes sense).  It's like hey I like this, I must buy it, I don't know if it's any good but I like the look of it. And really that was the reasoning behind it. I haven't tried it yet, but it let's just say that it is aesthetically pleasing to look at in the bathroom and isn't that the whole point.


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Your Happiness

I read something earlier today that inspired this post, "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light". I don't know who wrote it, but I understand it. All day long by brain has been pressed about this quote. Going back and forth trying to understand and except the truthfulness in these words. I always say, happiness is never cliche answer and I truly believe that. People fight their whole life for that euphoric feeling. For the ability to be completely content, overjoyed,  and at ease, all at the same time. We exhaust ourselves fighting for this feeling, striving to live in the concept of complete happiness but I think sometimes we look for that happiness from others or material things, and you know what..... that is when we end up being unhappy. Those things only provide us with moments of happiness, short bursts of joy, a moment of escapism where our brain say "yes, I'm happy" but only for a little while and eventually we check back into reality. Once again we are in check mate waiting for the next play,  waiting to see if we get that happiness"fix" that we so desperately need. Waiting to win the game.

What I honestly believe is that we try so hard to find happiness from outside sources that we don't realize that all along we have internalized our own happiness. We have the complete power to find our happiness which extends to all aspects of life and I think often times we forget that we have that power. When you wake up, do things to promote your happiness. Surround yourself in places, ideas, thoughts and people that only add to you overall well being. We have the power, we can turn on the light. It is that simple and yet that complexed. Unfortunately it is easier said then done. Many people can wake up in the morning and say "I'm going to be happy today" and thats great. However, many of us are fighting our own battles and even just waking up can be a struggle and that's the reality of life. All we can really ever do is try our best. Just remember even in the toughest of times, It's your happiness so turn on the light.


Friday, March 18, 2016

A Peaceful Fighter

It has been a couple months since we featured a writer on the SisterAv blog, but we are back this month with an amazing piece. We have known this writer for many years. She has a beautiful way with words and has maturity far beyond her years. What makes you a writer is not the ability to write words on the paper, but rather the ability to convey emotions and feelings with those words. To move the reader to escape to a place of understanding and solidarity, a place where sometimes we need those words to bring us comfort.

       "What really causes us to make the decisions we make everyday? Who really guides the way? We fight between what our consciences say and what we crave to experience at the end of the day. The endless fight between what is wrong and right is what makes the human experiences so tiring. Your soul cries for relief but you just end up bleeding. We're all fighting for a blessing. Trying to learn a lesson so that it can be taught. Are we even ready? Is the groundwork we lay ever steady? We fight to stay, but who really guides the way? Sometimes with all the pain our moral compass sends us astray. The Free will of humanity leads to our own demise and freedoms becomes our greatest shackles. True happiness is nearly impossible. Our decisions are like tattoos on our lives. We smile at them with pride, cover them over, or suffer through the pain to set them straight.  At the end of the day who really guides the way?

           Rules define us. We are confined and contracted into the mold of society so that we can grow, just as they condition us to. All the unfit jagged edges of us are trimmed away and soon we are like parking spaces waiting to fade out on the pavement. Never admired or remembered, simply used and forgotten. We are inspired or parked on by the rich an famous and we try to restore our beauty with glitter and paint, but how much beauty can you find in parking space?"

-Peaceful Fighter

Friday, March 11, 2016

Another One, The Atlanta Experience!

In the words of Dj Khaled, Another one! So SisterAv was on the road again with another quick weekend trip to ATL Shawty (we just like saying that). This weekend was jam packed with goat farms, 3 am cafe talks, and some cool filing cabinets?! Let's just say it was an experience, which had to include a first time trip to Waffle House.

We saw a different part of Atlanta this weekend, one that didn't fit the mainstream idea of what it means to visit the "A". We feel like one of the best experiences about this trip was visiting the Goat Farm. Now you might be thinking, "You went all the way to Atlanta to visit a goat farm?", but let me tell the uniqueness of this place. Not only can you find goats, but there is so much more. The were over 500 shops on the property that catered to local artist of all kinds, whether it be print, metal, or web design we saw a bit of everything, but the best part of this place was the photographs we took. This has to be one of the dopest places to go shooting, it's like a photographer's holy grail as far as locations go. Down below were some of the shots we were able to capture at this mystic place.

As I write this blog the word that I keep wanting to use is experience, because that is what the weekend was, an experience. If you want a great view of the city.....You know what views I'm talking about, the one's in the Tyler Perry Tv shows, the infamous Jackson Street Bridge is the place to go! When I tell you views for days and there is no exaggeration in that statement. You can see the whole city's skyline.

Another place with some killer views was Piedmont Park. It's located a mile from downtown and gives off those central park New York vibes. One thing that I absolutely loved about this park was that at any point, there was some type of beautiful view. This was one of this parks once again you just had to experience. Not to mention the casual roll down a giant hill that was the highlight of our day! We topped off the day, with Pizza from a Antico's (linked the website for my fellow foodies) and a stroll through Atlantic station.

If you ever wonder what it's like to have conversations at 800 feet in the air. Take a visit to Stone Mountain. For some reason the air was much clearer at the top. It might be mind over matter, but as soon as we stepped off the sky ride onto the top of stone mountain I felt so much clarity, almost as if I could breathe better. It's amazing that there is so much beauty in the world, that we sometimes forget to take a step back and appreciate it. We get so consumed by the hustle and bustle of daily life that we must remind ourselves to STOP and take a moment to experience and appreciate the vast beauty that is sometimes right in front of us. 

What can we say, other than The Atlanta Experience was short and sweet. We lived and laughed with old and new friends. Had a blast searching for secrets locations on a goat farm, to being such posers on a the Jackson street bridge, to sky riding up a mountain while stuffing  our faces with all the glorious food in between. Let's just say, that is was an experience!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Judge or to be Judged!

This month we are featuring another great writer who is no stranger to the SisterAv brand. She has been a longtime friend and a great supporter. She has a great mind and a beautiful way with words, and has written a great piece on judgment!

"Once there was a girl in far, far away land. She grew up protected and sheltered, experiencing the least of what life had to offer and she liked it that way. She made many friends; she was well mannered and civil, and never spoke without having something meaningful to say.

One day, two of her friends told her a great tale of how they both hesitated to get to know who she really was because they surmised her a judgmental, goody-two-shoes who was the only person in the world capable of casting the first stone, completely different to how they felt of her now; a normal girl with normal feelings whom they could confide in, and drink Hennessy beers with.

The girl smiled and waited until she got home to cry very wistfully, and then she contemplated her friends' statements; realizing that they had judged her because they thought she was judging them! 

It's an unfortunate scenario that happens everyday between people, but why?

What makes people judge others? What is the difference between being judgmental and judging?

I think that making a proper judgment means to see or hear a fact of some sort and then silently form an opinion, and take action accordingly. We rightly do this everyday for many important decisions; life is navigation of choices; no one wants to be a na├»ve Nancy who never makes appropriate judgment calls, and is always in trouble.  But there is a fine distinction between being  "judging" and "judgmental", one is necessary and helpful and the other outright hurtful. 

It's hurtful because it denies us a chance of knowing our possible soul mate; or the greatest friend we could ever have; or the most satisfying job we dare to dream of. It's hurtful because it affects both parties' chances at happiness and that really sucks. 

The girl in far, far away land's friends didn't actually see any fact that proved she was a snob, they just thought she looked like a snob and acted appropriately according to that unfair judgment; to get as far, far away from the girl as possible, affecting their happiness and hers, because she was such a great drinking buddy!

 So let's never forget the principle that we must see or hear a "fact" in order for us to make a correct judgment about someone/something. Not only is it less stressful on our already anxious-prone minds, but it leaves our emotional doors not entirely opened and unsafe, but available to a point that Prince Charming could freely knock on it and ask for our hand. Prince Charming or Johnny Depp, your choice if you're not judgmental. ;3

Ps: Special thank you to SisterAv for allowing me be a featured writer on their awesome blog, they are two of the least judgmental peeps I know and I love them! Aww. 
Also, Hennessy beers are great!"

-trininaddums feature writer of SisterAv

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reinventing SisterAv: A Different Perspective

As we grow and learn we are constantly being inspired by others. From their works of art to the melody in their rhythms, there is a fishbowl of endless ideas that we can draw from to create our own masterpiece. People often forget that no idea is their own. At one point in time, somewhere in the world someone did it before, and maybe even better, but is that going to stop YOU from doing it? No, because the difference is that you are doing it now and making it your own, and that is what SisterAv has and will continue to represent. So with that being said, we have to decided to expand our journey in search of that inspiration, by offering our fellow blog readers a different perspective. This week we are featuring some words from, Chaise Davis.

" Writing this on a rainy November night. So honored to be the first guest writer on this blog. And I'm so proud of what Celine and Shanice have accomplished. They are doing something they have always thought about and made it happen.... and honestly watching the videos they make is a lot like hanging out with them! They are two of the most creative people that I know and they just know how to have fun. While we admittedly didn't grow up together we both experienced childhood in a similar era where having a great imagination meant you didn't need anything except someone else to go on fictional journeys. And they had each other for that. They created fake personas and fake accents throughout entire conversations. It can be deflating now to see some children robbed of the chance to just be bored...there is a certain brilliance in escaping boredom with only your mind and a friend. It is refreshing to see how SisterAv has manipulated the Internet for something worthwhile and showcase the randomness that brought them so much joy over the years.
Which leads me to this....Self expression. Everyone has some creativity within themselves and that's what SisterAv is all about. Being unfiltered with what's within and sharing it with the world. For me that has come in many forms. But music and poetry have been favorite places to vent. And while I have always been content with the work I've done it is always special when someone else can enjoy it as well. I was nervous to publish my poetry and music online but the reception has been amazing and has landed me plenty of collaborations. The most fun in showcasing your work actually starts behind the scenes when you figure out what it is that you enjoy doing. So show us whatcha got!"

-CB feature writer of SisterAv