Sunday, March 22, 2015

Good Vibes Good People Good Times

A day filled with good vibes and good people..... it all started with our thrifting adventures. We planned a day of so called "vintage hopping" but that didn't really turn out to be the case when we really only ended up going to two stores. We pull up to our first spot only to find that the place was non existent!!.... haha. The second place, we didn't really find much except a couple of shirts, cool records, and books. Next stop was a really cool boutique.... As were walking to the door we see... the infamous "closed" sign, we all starting laughing, were thinking oh myy word this day is going great. walking back to the car we stumble upon the owner only to tell us that he just closed up.. apologizing for closing early as he hands us coupons for next time. Last spot was called "Rehab" and man when i say this place had some pretty cool stuff... I mean from vintage red bottom sandals, to fashionable furs, to Louis Vuitton luggage!!! But obviously out of our price range.. we just browsed and kept this place in mind for when we start to make our "big bucks"! hahaha. So after the many fails we stand in the streets of tampa dancing and filming deciding what to do next. Obviously we come up with our favorite thing to do... "Go Get food". So we head to the mall where this lil Candid shot is captured. We hit up a few stores, grab a bite to eat and chat it up a bit. As the night comes to a close we say our goodbyes but end up doing the usual "ok bye, then actually really end up car side chilling for another 30 mins"....which then turned into a freestyle battle where "Cartier bracelet" track was produced" and btw the track is pretty fire if you ask me... oh and don't worry if you're wondering... yes, it will be on iTunes for purchase soon. LOL (not really).... But anyways to conclude, our "thrifting day" really turned into a stroll through the mall, eat, performance in the mall parking lot followed by chill time at starbs.... lets just say go with the flow always turns out way better than "Planning out" :)))

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