Monday, April 6, 2015

Cotton Candy Skies

So I took this photo last summer cruising by the beach and to be honest I forgot that it existed. I was sifting through some photos and there it was, just by it's lonesome in an untitled folder on my hard drive. I remember the day I took this photo, I remember how mellow the mood was, how peaceful the sky was, how the wind felt. I remember it all and as per usual I was inspired to write.....

Cotton Candy Skies

Cotton candy skies,
When the summer vibe was just so fine. 

Take me back, 
oh how I loved those cotton candy skies,
so smooth and perfect in time.

Cotton candy skies,
sorta makes you loose ya mind 
with its pinks and blues, 
perfectly intertwined.

Cotton candy skies,
always taste so sweet.
I can remember the fluff melting in between my teeth.

Cotton candy skies,
must fade in due time.
but don't worry, they always comeback, 
even more divine.


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