Friday, May 15, 2015

Foodie Friday: Fish Tacos


Today we whipped up an amazing lunch after filming and before heading off to the beach!!! Since we've been experimenting so much in the kitchen lately we've been coming up with some really yummy meals. Today we were in the mood for Mexican so we went to work in the kitchen and made some fish tacos.  They were very easy to make and took us no time to finish.  Still sticking to my workouts along with eating a lot better, I'm seeing improvements and realizing that it not always a struggle to make quick, easy and healthy meals. This one took about 30 mins and used less than 10 ingredients!!


- Seasoned Grilled fish
- Soft taco shells (grilled)
- Black beans
- Yellow American Cheese
- Cabbage (chop for slaw)
- Carrots (chop for slaw)
-Red, Greed, & White onion (chop for slaw)
-Variety of Seasoning for slaw (salt, pepper, etc..)
- Sour Cream

If you have any quick, easy, and healthy meals you've been cooking up in the kitchen, comment below and let us know. We would love to try out some new Yummy treats!:)

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