Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Work Speaks For Itself

We started off with a BANG! But now what. When you first start off on a new project pure excitement fuels your inspiration, it fuels your drive to create something great. All that is on your mind is making sure you get enough content out, you say "keep going", "film this video, edit that video, write that blog post, post that picture." You want to do your very best, but why isn't that ever enough. I guess we feel like, okay whats next. 

So last night I decided to go through some of the pictures from our trip to Paris to draw up some inspiration, but what I got was a far greater, it was understanding of all things. This is the picture  I came across down below.
Looking at this picture it may not be much, but it has a story behind it. I snapped this picture of this little old woman painting in the hallways of the famous Louvre Museum. Although there were many artist there performing similar tasks, she was the only one that I photographed that day, and it made me think, why? The answer is pretty simple, the work always speaks for itself. She didn't say a word, but her movements, her expressions, her existential precise brush strokes told the entire story. Finding the picture reminded me of why I took it in the first place, it was the solace moment in its entirety that drew me to her work and moved me to capture her in an artist creative process. It's a beautiful thing to be in the "zone" where only you and your art exists and the freedom to create is endless. This is something that is never forced, rather it is something that is a natural extension of ourselves, a co-existence of oneself per-say. So for us, we should let the work speak for itself. Trying too hard to be better or letting yourself become obsessive in being the best at it only compromises the integrity of the content or art trying to be created. And what would we have in the end, some crappy painting right. Everything takes time right and just like this little old woman took her time to re-produced a beautiful masterpiece, that's how we should feel. We have all the time. 

Time for when the work will speak for itself.


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