Monday, June 22, 2015

Mini Getaway

Ever feel like just getting in the car and going! Well that is exactly what we did. This past weekend we loaded up the car and headed a few miles north to visit the family. We love mini getaways. It's like a home away from home. Its nice to getaway and still have the familiarities of being home. Its a happy and warm feeling.  

Of course we had a full on jam session on our 3 hour drive. There was lots of head bobbin, hands swinging, and fingers swirling on this car journey, the usual for a SisterAv adventure!

We love finding quirky and unique places to visit whenever we venture out. We found an Inlet that held some crazy cool artifacts. The first thing we found was life boats (on the left) which apparently were used by Cuban refugee's to escape. It's insane to see something like that because you can't even begin to imagine the lives and stories this very lifeboat held.
Down below we learned that this was one of the oldest and tallest light house in the nation, standing over 175 feet!
Ponce De Leon Lighthouse has over 203 steps. That may seem like a lot, but the climb to the top was well worth it. For some of us, like me *laughs* it was a little bit more difficult getting to the top. I think I passed out twice, and not figuratively, I MEAN LITERALLY.  On the way up the lack of air starts to send you into panic mode. At the midway point I just had to sit down and catch my breath, the room ( or lighthouse) in this case was literally spinning, but after all the hiccups along the way, the view was nothing but breath taking. This lighthouse literally took my breath away. Twice.

On our last day we decided to drive along the coast until there was no more road left to drive. We stopped off at one of the beach entrances, where I photographed this woman reading on the beach.  The woman, who I don't know and probably will never meet inspired me that day. She seemed like a lone wolf, who seemed totally content with seeking comfort from the steady waves of the beach. I don't know what she looks like but somehow in that very moment  I understood her. I felt moved to photograph this moment, her moment, her solace. 


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