Saturday, June 27, 2015

Turkey Bacon Cheese Burger

Mouth watering yet? It should be! Last week we tackled making our family favorite, bacon cheese turkey burgers. We love making these, especially in the summer months. These burgers are so simple and easy that anyone could make them, and whats a burger with out some fries. We love fries of all types ( especially sweet potatoes) but for this recipe we had some checker's fries (can be bought at your local grocery) to throw on the side. So if your foodie hearts desire, scroll down to see the full recipe and let us know if you try them out!

Turkey Bacon Cheese Burger:


First step is to get the bacon going. While that is cooking, season the turkey meat. This part is all a matter of preference and seasoning to taste. We usually eyeball how much of each seasoning we add to the mix. The seasoning with a little more kick, such as cumin and paprika we add just a tiny amount. Finally we add the breadcrumbs (again eyeball) the egg, the chopped onion and garlic. The turkey meat mixture should be at a consistency where you can form a firm burger patty, if not add more bread crumbs. You want the burger to stay together while cooking.

Now stick the fries into the oven. Cooking time is about 35 minutes. This is just enough time for them to get to that crispy crunchy delicious state. 

After preparing the turkey meat and forming the burger patties the bacon should be done. Set it aside.  At this point there should be oil from the bacon that is left over, that is what you want to cook the burgers on. (We are using a flat top non-stick griddle) This method is a great way for the burgers to pick up that bacon flavor. For this step cook until desired preference, we like our burger well done. 
Right before the burgers are done add the cheese so it can melt. Take the cuban rolls and grill them for a few seconds on the grill. Throw some chopped onions on the grill as well. After everything is finished cooking create your masterpiece,  and enjoy. 

   Don't forget those yummy fries. 

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