Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reinventing SisterAv: A Different Perspective

As we grow and learn we are constantly being inspired by others. From their works of art to the melody in their rhythms, there is a fishbowl of endless ideas that we can draw from to create our own masterpiece. People often forget that no idea is their own. At one point in time, somewhere in the world someone did it before, and maybe even better, but is that going to stop YOU from doing it? No, because the difference is that you are doing it now and making it your own, and that is what SisterAv has and will continue to represent. So with that being said, we have to decided to expand our journey in search of that inspiration, by offering our fellow blog readers a different perspective. This week we are featuring some words from, Chaise Davis.

" Writing this on a rainy November night. So honored to be the first guest writer on this blog. And I'm so proud of what Celine and Shanice have accomplished. They are doing something they have always thought about and made it happen.... and honestly watching the videos they make is a lot like hanging out with them! They are two of the most creative people that I know and they just know how to have fun. While we admittedly didn't grow up together we both experienced childhood in a similar era where having a great imagination meant you didn't need anything except someone else to go on fictional journeys. And they had each other for that. They created fake personas and fake accents throughout entire conversations. It can be deflating now to see some children robbed of the chance to just be bored...there is a certain brilliance in escaping boredom with only your mind and a friend. It is refreshing to see how SisterAv has manipulated the Internet for something worthwhile and showcase the randomness that brought them so much joy over the years.
Which leads me to this....Self expression. Everyone has some creativity within themselves and that's what SisterAv is all about. Being unfiltered with what's within and sharing it with the world. For me that has come in many forms. But music and poetry have been favorite places to vent. And while I have always been content with the work I've done it is always special when someone else can enjoy it as well. I was nervous to publish my poetry and music online but the reception has been amazing and has landed me plenty of collaborations. The most fun in showcasing your work actually starts behind the scenes when you figure out what it is that you enjoy doing. So show us whatcha got!"

-CB feature writer of SisterAv

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