Thursday, November 5, 2015


        Beautiful people....Hey! So it's 1:00am and I'm sitting here listening to psychedelic soul and it has me all in my feels, and when I'm in my feels, I write. Lately I've been thinking about one word in particular,  a word so small in nature but grand in gesture. The word is SELF-LOVE.

What does it mean? Well the cliche answer would be to simply "love yourself" right? That's easier said then done. Its easy to shout from the rooftops, "HEY, THIS ME AND I LOVE MYSELF" but do you really mean it, do really accept it, are you really living in the happiness of those words.  

Here is what I think the true meaning of self-love is.  It is divine understanding of oneself. An extension of how we are uniquely created, how childlike our hearts flutter and how complex our beautiful minds subconsciously think. Its understanding friends.  How can we love ourselves if we don't even know the person we are trying to love. Don't objectify yourselves merely to the physical persona. Love does not run skin deep, it is an inner discovery, an acceptance. A journey where there is nothing but ups and downs. A progressive but mild steady cruise on this thing we called life. Patience, my friends will do you good. Cultivating the true meaning of that word is like setting the concrete to build this self-love. It helps you to power through.  I always say that happiness is never a cliche answer, but to simply "love yourself" is an understatement. Its takes work, it takes time, it takes life. So my friends I leave you tonight with this, my formula for self- love........

.............Understand yourself, Accept yourself & last but not least LOVE yourself. 


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