Friday, March 18, 2016

A Peaceful Fighter

It has been a couple months since we featured a writer on the SisterAv blog, but we are back this month with an amazing piece. We have known this writer for many years. She has a beautiful way with words and has maturity far beyond her years. What makes you a writer is not the ability to write words on the paper, but rather the ability to convey emotions and feelings with those words. To move the reader to escape to a place of understanding and solidarity, a place where sometimes we need those words to bring us comfort.

       "What really causes us to make the decisions we make everyday? Who really guides the way? We fight between what our consciences say and what we crave to experience at the end of the day. The endless fight between what is wrong and right is what makes the human experiences so tiring. Your soul cries for relief but you just end up bleeding. We're all fighting for a blessing. Trying to learn a lesson so that it can be taught. Are we even ready? Is the groundwork we lay ever steady? We fight to stay, but who really guides the way? Sometimes with all the pain our moral compass sends us astray. The Free will of humanity leads to our own demise and freedoms becomes our greatest shackles. True happiness is nearly impossible. Our decisions are like tattoos on our lives. We smile at them with pride, cover them over, or suffer through the pain to set them straight.  At the end of the day who really guides the way?

           Rules define us. We are confined and contracted into the mold of society so that we can grow, just as they condition us to. All the unfit jagged edges of us are trimmed away and soon we are like parking spaces waiting to fade out on the pavement. Never admired or remembered, simply used and forgotten. We are inspired or parked on by the rich an famous and we try to restore our beauty with glitter and paint, but how much beauty can you find in parking space?"

-Peaceful Fighter

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