Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We're Quitting

When curating any visual or written content to share with the world, we're sure that the idea of quitting enters your mind at least once a day. It's normal for anyone who puts their self and their work out into the universe to feel that way. Honestly, that was the mind space we found ourselves in. It has been about 4 months since we last uploaded a blog post and in reality the excuses we came up with were pretty pathetic. Yeah, we could attribute not blogging to life getting in the way or just being plain lazy, but that's not it. That is never it. We reached a point where we simply ran out of ammunition, ran out of fuel to keep the car running. We felt like every idea we came up with was sub-par or we didn't have the resources to execute them well. We even posted on social media how we were feeling and how hard it was to come up with content. Surprisingly, someone's suggestion for our current dilemma in a way subconsciously inspired this blog post and our change in attitude. They said something to the effect of "Sticking to one thing". Now that made us think, does sticking to one general theme automatically make this internet thing easier? Well, the only reasonable answer was no. Why? Because sticking to one thing will never work for SisterAv. Although, that may work for some, it will never be who we are as women, as "artists", and as sisters. We have a passion for life and it extends to all aspects of it. We love beauty, we love fashion, we love photography, we love traveling, and we love FOOD....we love too many things to just stick to one. We could never put SisterAv in a box, put a label on it and seal it tight, because as long as SisterAv exists it will forever try to escape.......

..............We're not quitting just yet....SisterAv is just started.


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